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Max. operating pressure
0 - 35 bar, maximum static working pressure (non-pulsating) Max. 10 bar max. 350 bar Max. 16 bar -0,99 bar - 15 bar max. 700 bar 0 - 10 bar max. 250 bar 60 bar 0 - 35 bar max. 315 bar 1.5 - 8 bar max. 400 bar Max. 40 bar 2.5 - 10 bar (monostable) 1.0 - 10 bar (bistable Max. vacuum 10 bar (external pilot air) Dependent on operating temperature; Max. 10 bar (at 20 °C); Max. 1 bar (at 60 °C) Max. 12 bar Max. 16 bar (at +20 °C) 0.5 - 10 bar Max. 20 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 350 bar / Tcolon max. 210 bar max. 1 bar 0 - 8 bar max. 300 bar max. 63 bar (depending on temperature and nominal size) 2 - 10 bar Dependent on operating temperature; Max. 10 bar (at 20 °C); Max. 1 bar (at 170 °C) Dependent on operating temperature; Max. 10 bar (at 20 °C); Max. 2.5 bar (at 90 °C) up to 400 bar max. 410 bar max. 8 bar up to 18 bar 2.5 - 10 bar Max. 25 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 350 bar / Tcolon max. 160 bar max. 200 bar (acc. DIN EN 982) max. 250 bar brass, max. 400 bar steel/stainless steel max. 70 bar (depending on temperature and nominal size) 0.5 - 60 bar 1 - 10 bar 2,5 - 10 bar (monostable) 1,0 - 10 bar (bistable) vacuum up to 10 bar (external pilot air) 2.5 - 10 bar; Max. vacuum 10 bar (external pilot air) 2.5 - 7 bar Max. 150 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 220 bar / Tcolon max. 80 bar See table. All values referred to a medium temperature of 50 °C (static working pressure) -0,99 bar - 20 bar 0.5 - 12 bar 1 - 35 bar and rough vacuum Liquidscolon 40/32 bar depending on the port size; Gascolon max. 5 bar (MOP 5) Max. 12 bar, maximum static working pressure (non-pulsating) Max. 15 bar Max. vacuum 10 bar max. 40 bar (to DN 32); max. 25 bar (from DN 40); max. 16 bar (from DN 65) max. 64 bar 0,2 - 50 bar 10 bar 2.5 - 8 bar 250 bar DN 15 - DN 32colon max. 40 bar; DN 40 - DN 50colon max. 25 bar Max. 28 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 315 bar / Tcolon max. 160 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 315 bar / Tcolon max. 210 bar max. 14 bar max. 16 bar for valves with cutting ring connection; max. 4 bar for valves with pipe thread max. 160 bar (G 3/8, G 1/2); max. 100 bar (G 3/4, G 1); max. 60 bar (G 1 1/4, G 1 1/2); max. 40 bar (G 2) max. 18 bar max. 210 bar max. 315 bar with leak oil port / max. 200 bar without leak oil port max. 420 bar max. 63 bar min. 0,35 bar; max. 8,5 bar 0 - 16 bar 0,2 - 26 bar 0.5 - 20 bar 0.99 - 20 bar 15 bar (12 bar at G 1) 16 bar 2 - 16 bar 2 - 25 bar 2.5 - 10 bar (monostable) 1.0 - 10 bar (bistable) Max. vacuum 10 bar 4.5 bar 5 bar DN 15 - DN 50colon max. 40 bar; DN 65 - DN 100colon max. 16 bar Max. 16 bar; 13.5 x 9.5 mm hosecolon max. 12 bar Max. 24 bar Max. 25 bar (on stem) Max. 25 bar (on thermowell) Max. 6 bar (copper alloy), Max. 25 bar (stainless steel) Max. 6 bar (on thermowell) Max. 9 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 315 bar / Tcolon max. 160 bar (VDC) / Tcolon max. 120 bar (VAC) P, A, Bcolon max. 350 bar / Tcolon max. 100 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 350 bar / Tcolon max. 120 bar P, A, Bcolon max. 350 bar / Tcolon max. 210 bar (VDC) / Tcolon max. 105 bar (VAC) P, A, Bcolon max. 350 bar / Tcolon max. 210 bar (VDC) / Tcolon max. 140 bar (VAC) max. 10 bar (to the temperature +20 °C); max. 7 bar (at temperature +40 °C); max. 5 bar (at temperature +60 °C) max. 1000 bar max. 11 bar max. 12 bar (K-07100622); max. 20 bar (K-07100623) max. 200 bar max. 250 bar with aluminium housing / max. 350 bar with steel housing max. 320 bar max. 400 bar (at 20 °C); max. 250 bar (at G 1 - 20 °C) max. 500 bar max. 55 bar (depending on connection size and temperature) max. 630 bar max. 70 bar (Depending on Temperature) min. 0,0 bar; max. 15,0 bar min. 2 bar; max. 6 bar min. 4 bar; max. 16 bar saturated steam max. 6 bar hot water max. 18 bar up to 150 bar, up to 400 bar with support ring up to 250 bar up to 500 bar
Pressure series
Opening pressure
0.2 bar 0.25 bar 0.27 bar 0.3 bar 0.35 bar 0.38 bar 0.4 bar 0.45 bar 0.5 - 1.0 bar 0.5 bar 0.55 bar 0.6 bar 0.65 bar 0.7 bar 0.75 bar 0.8 bar 0.83 bar 0.9 bar 1.0 - 4.0 bar 1.0 bar 1.1 bar 1.2 bar 1.25 bar 1.3 bar 1.4 bar 1.5 bar 1.6 bar 1.7 bar 1.75 bar 1.8 bar 1.9 bar 10.0 - 18.0 bar 10.0 bar 10.1 bar 10.2 bar 10.3 bar 10.4 bar 10.5 bar 10.6 bar 10.7 bar 10.8 bar 10.9 bar 11.0 bar 11.2 bar 11.3 bar 11.4 bar 11.5 bar 11.6 bar 11.7 bar 11.76 bar 11.8 bar 12.0 bar 12.1 bar 12.2 bar 12.3 bar 12.4 bar 12.5 bar 13.0 bar 13.2 bar 13.3 bar 13.5 bar 13.8 bar 14.0 bar 14.2 bar 14.3 bar 14.5 bar 14.7 bar 14.8 bar 15.0 bar 15.1 bar 15.2 bar 15.3 bar 15.4 bar 15.5 bar 15.6 bar 15.7 bar 15.8 bar 16.0 - 32.0 bar 16.0 bar 16.5 bar 16.8 bar 16.9 bar 17.0 bar 17.1 bar 17.5 bar 17.6 bar 18.0 bar 18.5 bar 18.9 bar 19.0 bar 19.1 bar 19.4 bar 19.5 bar 19.6 bar 19.7 bar 19.8 bar 2.0 bar 2.1 bar 2.2 bar 2.3 bar 2.4 bar 2.5 bar 2.6 bar 2.7 bar 2.8 bar 2.9 bar 20.0 bar 20.5 bar 20.8 bar 21.0 bar 21.5 bar 22.0 bar 22.1 bar 22.5 bar 22.7 bar 22.8 bar 23.0 bar 23.1 bar 23.2 bar 23.4 bar 23.5 bar 24.0 bar 24.5 bar 25.0 bar 25.2 bar 25.5 bar 26.0 bar 26.5 bar 26.6 bar 27.0 bar 27.2 bar 27.5 bar 27.6 bar 27.9 bar 28.0 bar 28.5 bar 28.6 bar 29.0 bar 29.4 bar 29.5 bar 3.0 - 7.0 bar 3.0 bar 3.1 bar 3.2 bar 3.3 bar 3.4 bar 3.5 bar 3.6 bar 3.7 bar 3.8 bar 3.9 bar 30.0 - 60.0 bar 30.0 bar 30.5 bar 30.8 bar 31.0 bar 31.5 bar 32.0 bar 32.5 bar 33.0 bar 33.3 bar 33.5 bar 33.7 bar 34.0 bar 34.1 bar 34.5 bar 35.0 bar 35.5 bar 36.0 bar 36.3 bar 36.4 bar 36.5 bar 36.8 bar 37.0 bar 37.5 bar 38.0 bar 38.5 bar 39.0 bar 39.5 bar 4.0 bar 4.1 bar 4.2 bar 4.3 bar 4.4 bar 4.5 bar 4.6 bar 4.7 bar 4.8 bar 4.9 bar 40.0 bar 40.5 bar 41.0 bar 41.5 bar 42.0 bar 43.0 bar 43.4 bar 43.5 bar 44.0 bar 44.8 bar 45.0 bar 46.0 bar 47.0 bar 47.5 bar 48.0 bar 5.0 bar 5.1 bar 5.2 bar 5.3 bar 5.4 bar 5.5 bar 5.6 bar 5.7 bar 5.8 bar 5.9 bar 50.0 bar 6.0 - 12.0 bar 6.0 bar 6.1 bar 6.2 bar 6.3 bar 6.4 bar 6.5 bar 6.6 bar 6.7 bar 6.8 bar 6.9 bar 7.0 bar 7.1 bar 7.2 bar 7.3 bar 7.4 bar 7.5 bar 7.6 bar 7.7 bar 7.8 bar 7.9 bar 8.0 bar 8.1 bar 8.2 bar 8.3 bar 8.4 bar 8.5 bar 8.6 bar 8.7 bar 8.8 bar 8.9 bar 9.0 bar 9.1 bar 9.2 bar 9.3 bar 9.4 bar 9.5 bar 9.6 bar 9.7 bar 9.8 bar 9.9 bar approx. 1 bar
Temp. range
(-20 °C to +80 °C quickconnect-safety couplings) +164°C (saturated steam); +95°C (hot water) +5 °C to +90 °C -10 °C to +100 °C -10 °C to +150 °C -10 °C to +50 °C -10 °C to +50 °C (40 mm bore), -10 °C to +60 °C (63 mm bore) -10 °C to +60 °C -10 °C to +60 °C (Ø 20 to Ø 63) -10 °C to +70 °C (Ø 80 to Ø 125) -10 °C to +75 °C (plug amplifier), -10 °C to +60 °C (chopper amplifier) -10 °C to +80 °C -10 °C to +80 °C (Ø 80 bis Ø 100) -15 °C to +80 °C -20 °C to +100 °C -20 °C to +120 °C -20 °C to +120 °C (G 3/4 to G 2) -20 °C to +180 °C -20 °C to +300 °C (at 20 bar) -20 °C to +50°C -20 °C to +60 °C -20 °C to +70 °C -20 °C to +70 °C (Ø 32 to Ø 63) -20 °C to +80 °C -20 °C to +80 °C (G 1/4 to G 1/2) -25 °C bis +125 °C -25° C to +100° C -30 °C to +100 °C -30 °C to +150 °C -30 °C to +200 °C -40 °C bis +140 °C -40 °C to +1400 °C -40 °C to +200 °C (depending on the hose quality and diameter) -40 °C to +90 °C -40 °C to 80 °C -5 °C to +45 °C -50°C to +210°C -60°C to +150°C 0 - 50 °C 0 °C to +50 °C 0 °C to +60 °C 0 °C to +70 °C 0 °C to +80 °C 0 °C to +90 °C Air ( max. 75 °C ) Air: - 20 °C to + 150 °C Air: - 20 °C to +130 °C Aluminium from -196 °C to 150 °C Ambient -20 °C to +60 °C can be used up to 400 °C can be used up to 650 °C from -200 °C to 260 °C from -35 °C to + 85 °C Gas: -20 °C to + 60 °C Hot air +180 °C hot water up to +120 °C je nach Werkstoff von -20 °C bis 130 °C limited to +70°C for air and water based fluids max. +150 °C Max. 50 °C (G 1/8), Max. 90 °C (G 1/4, G 3/8) Max. 60 °C Max. 75 °C max. depending on the medium 95°C medium max. +60 °C min. flexible to -35°C Min. shrinking temperature of 110 °C Min. shrinking temperature of 125 °C Mineral oil -30° C to 100° C mineral oils and fuel oil grades EL and L, 6 bar and up to 80 °C Miscellaneous: - 20 °C to + 150 °C PU18: -30 °C bis +100 °C PU33: -40 °C bis + 120 °C saturated steam up to +210 °C Shrinking temperature above 90°C to 200°C Standard version -15 °C to +80 °C Temperature peaks up to 110°C Temperature peaks up to 120°C to + 130°C Typ 1: -10 °C to +80 °C Typ 2: -40 °C bis +80 °C Up to +70 °C Vegetable oil -15° C to 80° C Water + Antifreeze agent -50 °C to +150 °C Water: 0 °C to +120 °C Water: 0 °C to +130 °C Water: 0 °C to +150 °C Water: 0 °C to +80 °C
2 piece hose clamps 3-way ball valve, in forged design 360° axial rotation 45° SAE connection 45° SAE external thread, outer cone long pilot for 5400 coupling AC clip system Adapter for test connection Adjustable direction bulkhead fitting socket Adjustable direction fitting Adjustable direction screw-in fitting Adjustable direction screw-in socket Adjustable direction screw-on socket After having suction pressure Aluminium bracket Aluminium flat jacket Anel de suporte para conexão flangeada Angle connector with wall connecting plate Anodised aluminium Assembly pliers for seals Assortment box Ball seat valve (ball in brass seat) Banjo coupling, throttle free Banjo couplings, throttle free (high pressure) Banjo fitting Blank coupling cap Blanking nut Blanking screw with hexagon socket Blanking screw, with hexagon head Blanking socket Blanking socket, with hexagon head Blanking socket, with hexagon socket Brass sleeve for claw coupling with brass seal. Bulkhead connector Bulkhead fitting Bulkhead fitting socket Bulkhead screw-in fitting Bulkhead socket weld fitting Cable connector for sensors with M12 port Cable glands in accordance with ATEX, IECEx and EAC Cap Cap coupling Cap fire hose coupling Cap fire hose coupling with chain Cap with seal Centrifugal filter Centrifugal filter membrane pressure regulator with relieving, fog lubricator Cetop square flange Chevron piston ring Chevron ring Chevron rod ring Clamping ring Clamping shells Claw hose coupling Claw inner thread coupling Claw outer thread coupling Compact form complete clamp Complete pistons Compressed air tank Connecting fitting Connecting reducing fittings Connecting socket (short pipe bend) Connection sockets Connector Connector for measuring hose lines Connector, O-ring sealed outer thread Connectors Connectors, ring thread piece Copper conduit Counter nut Counter nut for bulkhead fittings Coupling with bulkhead connection Coupling with PVC hose Cutting ring Cutting ring gauge Cutting ring with O-ring Diaphragm pressure regulator with relieving Diaphragm pressure regulator with relieving, centrifugal filter Diaphragm pressure regulator with relieving, centrifugal filter, mist lubricator Digital Flow Switch Direct pressure gauge connection Distributors Double conical ring Double guide ring Double hollow screw Double hose connection Double pipe clamp Double wiper seal Drain valve Edge sealing ring Elastomer insert Ersatzdichtung für EO-2 fiber filter Fitting Fitting set for O-ring Fitting socket Fitting, double nuts Fixed coupling with inner thread Fixed coupling with outer thread Flare cone 10° Flare connection with 2 O-rings Flat lubricating nipple Flat seal for fixed coupling with inner thread flat sealing for bulkhead mounting for double-acting cylinders for screw fittings for single and twin pipe clamps for single pipe clamps for single-acting cylinders for twin pipe clamps Funnel-type lubricating nipple Guide band Guide ring Heavy design Hexagon socket screw Hinge bolt clamp Holder for loose half Hollow screw Hose clamp Hose connectors Hose line DN 2 with M 12.65 x 1.5 measuring connections Hose line DN 2 with M 16 x 1.5 measuring connections Hose line DN 2 with M 16 x 2 measuring connections Hose line DN 2 with measuring connections M 16 x 2 and plug-in Hose line DN 2 with plug-in measuring connections Hose ring for claw coupling with brass seal Hydraulic-type lubricating nipple Internal measuring probe Light design Lock washer Lock without union nut Maintenance-free PTFE coated friction bearing Measuring cone for O-rings Measuring connection with 24° sealing head (DKO) MODY hose coupling MODY inner thread coupling MODY outer thread coupling Multi-lubrication friction bearing in rolled bronze Multi-lubrication, POM coated friction bearing Multi-purpose jet pipe Multicoupling non-releasing cable tie Non-return valve, connector Non-return valve, screw-in connection O-ring O-ring cord O-ring sealed pin O-ring sealed pipe connection and filling valve (low side), long pilot O-ring sealed pipe connection and filling valve, long pilot O-ring sealed pipe connection for flange assembly, long pilot O-ring sealed pipe connection with flange, long pilot O-ring sealed pipe connection, long pilot Operated by secondary pressure Packing set for cylinder HKHFRT Packing set for guide head Pipe bend 90° Pipe bending and sawing equipment Pipe bending equipment Pipe clamp Pipe cutting equipment Pipe deburrers Pipe sockets Pipe spring pressure gauge with glycerine filling Pipe spring pressure gauge without glycerine filling Piston packing set piston seal Piston U-ring Piston wiper Plug in connector Plug with central screw, type A Pneumatic actuators, in double- or single acting version Pneumatic actuators, in double- or single acting version, with integrated end-position feedback Pneumatic, double-piston, part-turn actuator, double-rocker principle PNP poppet valve, spring-loaded pre-assembled Pre-assembly sockets Precision Digital Pressure Switch for excess pressure Pressure gauge connection fitting Pressure gauge connection sockets Pressure gauge fitting Präzisionsstahlrohr, nahtlos (kalt gezogen), metrisch Präzisionsstahlrohr, nahtlos (kalt gezogen), zöllig Pump connection (2 hole) Pump connection (3 hole) Pump connection (4 hole) Quad ring Quick release coupling plug Quick release coupling plug, DN 7, 2 Quick release coupling sleeve Rectangular shaped Reducing adapter Reducing adapters Reducing connecting fitting Reducing connecting socket Reducing fitting Reducing fitting, not pre-assembled Replacement chain for sealing claw coupling Replacement sealing ring for GEKA plus water couplings (new version). Replacement sealing ring for GEKA water couplings (old version) Replacement sealing ring for MODY claw coupling. Retaining clamp Retaining screw for claw coupling with brass seal. Return bends Rocker mounted on pin Rod lip seal Rod packing set rod seal Rod U-ring Rod wiper seal Rotary fitting Rotary fitting (bulkhead connector) Rotary fitting (screw-in connector) Rotating claw hose coupling Rotating claw inner thread coupling Rotating claw outer thread coupling Rubber ring for claw couplings Rubber ring for MODY couplings Rundmutter mit Innensechskant SAE adapter flange with measuring connection SAE blind plate SAE block flange SAE block flange reduction SAE end plate SAE external thread flange SAE flange adapter SAE flange adapter welded on connecting piece SAE flange half SAE flange heads SAE flare flange SAE flare flange connector SAE full flange SAE O-ring SAE reduction SAE screw-in counter flange SAE screw-in flange SAE sealing counter flange SAE sealing flange SAE shim SAE socket weld counter flange SAE socket weld flange SAE socket weld flange connector SAE stub end SAE stub end flange connector SAE welded on counter flange SAE welded on flange SAE welded on flange - imperial SAE welded on flange connector SAE-Gegenflansch-Verschraubung Safety valve Screw set Screw-in connectors Screw-in fitting Screw-in socket with measurement connection Screw-in socket, long Screw-in socket, straight Screw-in sockets Screw-on connector Screw-on fitting Screw-on socket Screw-on socket with measuring connector Screw-on socket, long Screwdrivers for clamps Screwless hose clamps Seal fitting set Seal washer for protective caps Sealing plugs for connectors Sealing ring Sealing ring for AC clip nipple Sealing ring for pressure mode Sealing ring for suction and pressure mode Sealing ring for suction mode Series EVN Shuttle valve, connector Single pipe clamp Snap-tite series 72 Snap-tite series 74 Snap-tite series 75 Snap-tite series 78 Snap-tite series H Soft packing Soft seal for cutting ring Soldered socket Spacer ring for flare connection with 2 O-rings Spring for non-return valve Spring-loaded diaphragm (NBR) Spring-loaded diaphragm (NBR); Spring-loaded piston (10 to 70 bar versions) Spring-loaded diaphragm (UR); Spring-loaded piston; (10 to 70 bar versions) Spring-loaded, non-return diaphragm valve with adjustable opening pressure Straight connector with screw connection stroke adjustment screw Suction coupling for outer cover Support bushes Support ring Support sleeve for flange Tensioning screw clamp Tube to hose connector U-ring U-ring packing set Union function nut Union nut Union nut for flange connection Union nut for flare connection, 10° Universal high-pressure seal for a wide range of sectors Usit ring Vertical installation position, gas side top WALRING union nut Welded on fitting Welded on sealing cone Welded-on base plate Wipers with adjusting ring with insert ring with lockable safety latch with plastic screw cap with rubber foot with safety collar with test connection with union nut Worm drive hose clamps
Outer layer
70% lower than required according to SAEJ2064 abrasion resistant abrasion resistant, flame-retardant, ozone and weather resistant CR rubber abrasion resistant, ozone and weather resistant EPDM rubber age, weather and ozone resistant BNBR/EPDM, smooth Butyl group = Moisture absorption values Chloroprene rubber CR = Moisture absorption values 75% lower than required according to SAEJ2064 environmentally safe synthetic rubber EPDM EPDM (from ID 20 mm patterned material) EPDM (patterned material) EPDM (smooth) flame retardant, oil resistant, weatherproof synthetic rubber flame-retardant to MSHA mit Längsschutzrippen Natural and synthetic rubber, abrasion, ozone and weather resistant NBR NBR / SBR (patterned material) none NR/BR, smooth NW 4: Polyamide; from NW 6: Polyurethane oil resistant and weatherproof synthetic rubber oil, grease and chemical resistant CR rubber oil-resistant, synthetic rubber; flame retardant one textile braided insert embedded in synthetic rubber ozone, weathering, UV, oil and grease resistant patterned material Polyamid (PA) Polyethylene Polyurethane (PUR) pricked PVC PVC suitable for use with foodstuffs PVDF resistant to wear, aging and ozone round woven polyester fabric SBR / NBR SBR smooth Silicone blue slightly ribbed outer surface smooth Soft PVC Soft-PVC, black, oil resistant Soft-PVC, blue special synthetic rubber, highly resistant to abrasion, ozone and weather, pricked. stable, high flexibility, smooth plasticised PVC stoffgemustert Synthetic PKR rubber synthetic rubber synthetic rubber with additional plastic cover, synthetic rubber with high abrasion resistance synthetic rubber with high ozone, abrasion, and weather resistance synthetic rubber with high temperature, ozone and abrasion resistance synthetic rubber with high temperature, ozone and weather resistance Synthetic rubber, weather resistant unempfindlich gegen Ozon und UV-Strahlung up to NW 13: Polyurethane; from NW 16: Polyamide weatherproof, ozone and UV resistant with more than 300 x the abrasion properties of standard outer covers
Sealing form 1
24° inner cone 24° inner cone for French series imperial pipe. 24° inner cone for French series metric pipe. 24° outer cone 24° outer cone for French series imperial pipe. 24° outer cone for French series metric pipe. 24° outer cone with O-ring 24°/60° outer cone 24°/60° Universal sealing head 45° inner cone 45° outer cone 60° inner cone 60° outer cone 60° outer cone with O-ring 60° sealing head 74° inner cone 74° inner cone with O-ring 74° outer cone 90° inner cone BUNA N rubber sealing ring Butt construction conical seat conical seat with O-ring Cutting ring connection Cutting ring connection - French series. Edge sealing ring encapsulated O-ring on screw-in socket flachdichtend mit SAEO-Ring Flat seal flat seal + shape B flat seal with O-ring flat seal with O-ring . flat seal with pin flat seal with SF O-ring flat seal without pin for screw-in pins with shape F for screw-in pins with shapes A, B and if necessary E form G Innenkonus JIC 37° metallic Moulded seal made of black nitrile NBR form sealing ring O-ring and spacer diaphragm ring O-ring seal O-ring seal on screw-in socket O-ring sealed O-ring sealed pin O-ring sealed socket ORFS mit Drehmutter UN/UNF/UNS Outer cone Outer cone with O-ring Pipe socket with cutting ring Pipe socket, pre-assembled Rubber sealing ring Sealed by copper ring Shape A Shape B Shape E Shape F Spherical liner thread seal thread seal, additional 60° inner cone. Welded connection with thread seal made up of pressure and cord ring without thread seal
Acids aging resistant in oxygen and ozone Air Air (up to + 70°C) Air and nitrogen Air or neutral gases (≤ 50 μm filter specified) Air or neutral gases, filtered 50 μm lubricated or unlubricated Air, neutral gases, filtered Air, neutral gases, water, oil Air-oil vapour Alcohols Alkalis All types of mineral oil products with a max. aromatic content of 50% All types of mineral oil products with a max. aromatic content of 60% Antifreeze agent Antifreeze solutions Applications with gaseous and aggressive media Applications with gaseous or chemical media ASTM1 ASTM3 Bio-diesel (B20) Blue: Oxygen gas Butane Cement Cereals Cold and hot water, oils Cold water Compressed air Compressed air and all gases or liquids that are compatible with the materials Compressed air and general hydrocarbons Compressed air containing oil mist Compressed air, neutral gases Compressed air, non-corrosive gases Compressed air, non-corrosive gases, non-flammable gases Compressor oils: PAG, ester only for TRITON SE55, SEZ80, Solest oil 35 / 68 Compressor oils: PAG, ester, mineral oil, alkyl benzene Condensate (emulsion) Contaminated water Cooking oil Coolant Coolants: R134a Coolants: R134a, R404a Cooling fluids Cooling water Crude oil Drinking water Drinking water, nitrogen, compressed air, non-aggressive liquids dry, oil-free air and non-aggressive gases etc. Filtered (50 μm), unlubricated or lubricated compressed air. If lubrication is used, it must be continuous. Filtered, unlubricated compressed air Filtered, unlubricated or lubricated compressed air. If lubrication is used, it must be continuous. Fine-filtered (5 μm), unlubricated compressed air, neutral gases