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  • Hoses hydraulic

Hoses hydraulic

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agricultural machines  agricultural technology  applications with a low bend radius and high impulse loads  automotive engineering  chemical industries  cleaning systems  construction industry  construction plant  coolant (air conditioning technology)  double hose for high pressure hydraulics and as supply line for technical media  earthmovers  electrically conductive paint spray hose with high flexibility and low weight  emergency rescue systems  extreme pressure applications  fitting with press-fit and screw connection hose  for bundling multiple hose lines  forklift trucks  foundries, steelworks, glassworks, shipyards etc.  general application  general application for air, water etc.  general application, e.g. in industry, construction machinery, agricultural technology etc.  high pressure circuits  high pressure circuits with high loads  high pressure cleaning equipment  high pressure hydraulic systems  high pressure hydraulics and as supply line for technical media  high pressure lubrication lines  high pressure tools  high temperature applications  hose bundling  hose for suction and return lines  hose for suction and return lines with restricted installation space  hose lines that are subjected to a shearing load during movement  hydraulic tools  hydraulics in mechanical engineering  hydrostatic drives  hydrostatic gearboxes  installations with high abrasion  jaws of life  low and medium high pressure circuits  low and medium pressure circuits  Low and medium pressure circuits with extreme temperatures (e. g. foundries, compressors)  low pressure circuits (no pressure surge loads or critical applications)  low pressure hose for general applications  low pressure range  low pressure suction and pressure systems  lubrication line  medium high pressure circuits  medium high pressure range under extreme usage conditions  medium high pressure systems  medium pressure circuits with restricted installation spaces  medium pressure circuits with restricted installation spaces and extreme environmental conditions  medium pressure circuits with restricted installation spaces and high abrasion  mineral oil-based high pressure hydraulic systems  mining and opencast mining  particularly suitable for restricted installation space and high abrasion  personal protection against oil jet injuries  personal protection against whipping hose  pneumatic controllers  pre-control hoses  presses  rail vehicles  return hoses  shipbuilding  Suction and return lines with tight installation conditions.  systems engineering  thermal protection for air conditioning and hydraulic hose lines 
3 Categories


103 Variants