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Industrial hoses

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Acids  aging resistant in oxygen and ozone  Air  Alkalis  All types of mineral oil products with a max. aromatic content of 50%  All types of mineral oil products with a max. aromatic content of 60%  Bio-diesel (B20)  Blue: Oxygen gas  Butane  Cement  Cereals  Cold water  Compressed air  Compressed air containing oil mist  Contaminated water  Cooking oil  Cooling fluids  Cooling water  Crude oil  etc.  fine-grain particles such as dust, chippings, powder, fibres  Fresh water  Fruit juices  gas-phase acetylene  gas-phase oxygen  Granulates  Gravel  Grease  Heißwasser (max. 150 °C)  hot air  Hot water  ketonic solvents and a range of chemicals  liquid foodstuffs containing up to 15% alcohol  Liquid gas  Liquid manure  Lubricating oil  Luft (bis +80 °C)  max. Temp. für Kraftstoffe max. +70 °C  Milk  Mineral oil  Mineral oil (up to + 100°C)  Mineral water  Mortar, concrete, screed  nicht für Ottokraftstoffe geeignet  Oil  Oil-containing water  petrol  Petrol fuels  Propane  Propellants  Red: Acetylene gas  resistant against aqueous acids, alkalis and salts and a variety of solvents  resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons and most lubricating oils  resistant to aqueous acids, alkalis and salts  resistant to hydrolysis and microbes  Seawater  Solvents  Steam  Synthetic resin paints and polyester lacquers  Water  Water soluble paints  Water-oil emulsions  weakly acidic and alkaline liquids in pH range 5 to 8  Wines  ölnebelhaltige Druckluft (RMA Class A) 
2-component systems  Agricultural technology  and supplying highly abrasive media  As low pressure hose in industry and construction sector  Autogenous applications  automotive technology  Bleeding hose  chemical industries  Cleaning systems  Compressed air brake systems  Compressors  Construction industry  Control lines in hydraulics and pneumatics  Cooler hose  Extracting textile fibres  Fire brigade  Food industry  for cleaning metal, stone and other surfaces  for compressors  for compressors, in harsh operating conditions in mining,  for dedusting and extraction systems  for loading and unloading cement, sand, gravel and granulates from silo transport vehicles.  for unloading cement, sand, gravel and granulates from silo transport vehicles.  Fuel gas systems in vehicles and mobile equipment e.g. industrial trucks  gas-phase and fluid media  general application for air, water etc.  Granulate supply equipment  High pressure cleaning and sewage cleaning  High pressure cleaning equipment  Hot water or saturated steam applications  Industrial vacuum cleaners  Industry  Industry and construction  laboratories and food industry  laboratory technology  Low pressure hose for fuel lines  Low pressure range  Low pressure suction and pressure systems  Mainly for the chemical and food industries  Medium pressure applications with hydraulic fluids (high temperatures) and aggressive media for the chemical industry  Mining  Nurseries, agriculture  Oil mist extraction  Painting applications  Pneumatic applications  Propane gas burners  quarrying, construction, shipyards, petrol stations  Radiator hose  Sea and industrial waste water  Shipbuilding  Shipyards and shipping  Surface technology  Systems engineering  tank and equipment manufacture  Tankers  Winding hose for tankers 
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90 Variants
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